Miyajima is island of cultural and natural heritage.The waterpark will open from july 13(sat) until sept 1st (sun)There will be a pre opening event on july 6 and 7 th (sat/sun)Lets run through summer with smiling faces. Miyajima is island of cultural and natural heritage.The waterpark will open from july 13(sat) until sept 1st (sun)There will be a pre opening event on july 6 and 7 th (sat/sun)Lets run through summer with smiling faces.


Miyajima is island of cultural
and natural heritage.
The waterpark will open!

ABOUT Miyajima tsutsumigaura island hopping park

The wakepark is an obstacle course floating on a sea.

Terms of use


Ticket fee

  Advance ticketPurchased online
Common to all adults/45Minutes
Same day's TicketPurchased at the local reception
Common to all adults/45Minutes
Regular fee 1,500円 1,800円
Obon holiday
1,800円 2,000円
Advance ticket purchase is here

Time schedule

Please make sure to check in at reception before the meeting time (30 minutes before entering). For example, if you have a 9:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m. ticket, please redeem them at the reception building by 9:00 a.m.

Reception Play time
by 9:00 9:30〜10:15
by 9:45 10:15〜11:00
by 10:30 11:00〜11:45
by 11:15 11:45〜12:30
by 12:00 12:30〜13:15
by 12:45 13:15〜14:00
by 13:30 14:00〜14:45
by 14:15 14:45〜15:30
by 15:00 15:30〜16:15
by 15:45 16:15〜17:00
  • ・Less than 10 years old will be entrance by guardian accompanying. Be sure behavior together in the area you reach with an eye, please.
  • ・ Those who are late for the entry rule briefing (15 minutes before entry) may be refused entry.
  • ・Nail art and long nails pose a risk of injury; this may lead to refused entry (nail clippers are available on site).
  • ・ Come assembly time, please do not bring any prohibited belongings, accessories etc. We cannot admit those with jewelry due to a risk of injury.
  • ・ For those with motion sickness, we highly recommend that you take medicine to prevent motion sickness on days when there are relatively high waves.


The means of transportation to the Miyajima-guchi ferry stop

Please refer to the following for means of transportation to the Miyajima-guchi ferry stop.
A special flight microbus (28 people of capacity) navigates until the middle of July-middle of August.
(I'll inform you in SNS about detailed details of a special bus timetable.)

The means of transportation which are a ferry in Miyajima and after arrival (case)

Bus 9 people of capacity
  Ferry stop First bus 8:16 → Arrive Tsutsumigaura 8:24 every each 1 hour also
  Tsutsumigaura Last bus 17:57 → Arrive Ferry stop 18:05
Special Bus Bus 28 people of capacity
  Ferry stop First bus 9:00 → Arrive Tsutsumigaura 9:10 every each 30 minutes also
  Tsutsumigaura Last bus 17:45 → Arrive Ferry stop 17:55


  • Q:Are there rooms for showering and changing cloths?

    • A:There are shower rooms nearby.
  • Q:Is there space the break with the roof?

    • A:I have that. And I also have a box seat (charge) rent of a parasol.
  • Q:Is there a locker?

    • A:I have that. It's in the management center. (Charge)
  • Q:What if the weather gets bad?

    • A:In the event that we judge that it is unsafe e.g. risk of typhoons and lightning, high waves, strong wind etc., we may limit admission or ask people to leave early. In such cases (at the judgement of the organizer), if you cannot enter due to admission restrictions, we will provide refunds in accordance with the refund policy.
  • Q:Does the park close down when it rains.

    • A:No, rain has basically no connection to the park’s operation. However, when there is some chance of lightning, we may close or temporarily close the park.
  • Q:Can the remaining of tickets be confirm the day of?

    • A:As soon as the sales number of the advance ticket is comfirmed.We will post twitter with either a ○△or×.
      ○=prenty left △=few tickets left ×=No tickets
  • Q:What age must you be to enter the park?

    • A:6 years or older. In addition, 110 cm or greater height (roughly 3’7”) is required.
  • Q:Is it okay if cant swim?

    • A:Because we wear life jackets, no one sinks, but we cannot permit those who cannot swim to enter.
  • Q:A child at or below the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult,but how many Children allowed in per adult?

    • A:We request that you bring only one child per adult (and that you always stay within eye shot of each other while inside the park).
  • Q:Where should we go to sign in?

    • A:On the beach, there is a reception white roof tent, so come visit us there.
  • Q:Are there food and drink booths,etc?

    • A:Light meal, a drink and the offer which is BBQ empty-handed are being also done in a dining room next to the management center, so please use that.
  • Q:Is there storage for baggage?

    • A:It is possible for us to hold small items such as car keys at the reception area (on the condition that we cannot be held liable for them whatsoever), but we request that you manage any valuables and bags on your own.A pay locker is also in the management center.
  • Q:About passmarket web tickets are QR codes shown for convenience store payment?

    • A:Yes.
  • Q:Is it OK Roof and a tent use in a sandy beach?

    • A:It's prohibited besides the beach parasol at a sandy beach. It's possible to construct Roof at a square in a lawn. It can't be constructed besides the campsite about a tent.
  • Q:Can we hold a barbecue?

    • A:To the place set at a package tsutsumigaura natural park, please.Please ask in the management center for more information.
  • Q:I think I want buy advance tickets, but can I buy tickets 2 concecutive hours?

    • A:Yes you may.
  • Q:How do you go to the playground equipment which floats on a sea?

    • A:There is a lead rope, so you even swim playground equipment along there.
  • Q:Are there group discounts?

    • A:No,there are no group discounts.
  • Q:Can I gather purchase of a ticket for several hour destination for 2 hours and buy it?

    • A:Yes. It's possible.